Cash inside a bank vault is the usual main target of bank robbers. Standard bank vaults employ a simple mechanical locking system to prevent illegal entry. Sophisticated bank robbers in the Philippines have begun to devise ways to overcome this system with the help of new technologies. Millions of pesos are stashed in a few minutes, before police or bank personnel are able to address the situation.

Alarm Data Security System (ADSS) presents the Auto Vault Locking MechanismŽ (AVLM). AVLM is an advanced automatic electronic system that serves as a second line of defense against vault violation. AVLM works in parallel with standard mechanical vault locking systems, thereby significantly increasing vault security and defense. AVLM can be integrated with the electronic bank security system, allowing for greater flexibility and remote sensing.

AVLM is composed of secure wall-mounted keypad and a main control unit that is inside the vault, making it inaccessible to violators. If the keypad is removed or tampered, AVLM automatically locks the vault. Once the vault is locked, proper bank personnel through a remote auxiliary wired or wireless system can unlock it.

ADSS, the leading electronic bank security solutions provider in the Philippines, has custom-made the AVLM for bank vaults utilized in the country. AVLM can be installed in a few days, without interrupting bank operations. At a reasonable cost, AVLM capably enhances vault security without compromising pre-installed vault locking systems and other electronic bank security systems. Through a minimal one-time investment on the AVLM, a bank can save millions of pesos.

AVLM Features:

Automatic Data Logging
AVLM records the time, date and user name for each vault opening or closing event. Up to 2000 events are stored in memory, which can be retrieved remotely or on-site.

Time Lock and Time-delay Application
Time lock and time delay functions prevent un-timed and unauthorized opening of vaults.

Idle-Vault indicator
An audio signal is activated when the vault is kept open beyond a specified time limit.

Multiple Access Code Types
The vault may be configured to open either through a single-user access code, dual-user access code with verification.

Duress code
Keying this code opens the vault and inconspicuously sends an alarm signal to the central Monitoring station in the event that the bank is being robbed. This code can be keyed when the user is under heavy duress to open the vault.

Alarm Hook-up
Any device trigger for hold-up or burglar activates the locking mechanism to deadlock and disable the system.

Standby battery system
For uninterrupted, continuous operation. Data Logging for ATM application, Loading Time, Authorized Personnel.

Optional: Build-in concealed camera
for photo verification of user (Character Recognition).