Experienced bank robbers cut a bank’s telephone line connection before illegal entry into bank. Cutting the physical connection prevent the bank’s automatic alarm system from informing the Police Station and CMS of illegal entry. Thereby robbers are uninhibited from stealing from the bank properties.

Alarm Data Security System (ADSS), the leading electronic bank security solutions provider in the Philippines, offers an economical solution to the line-cut problem by offering the Line Cut Detector (LCD). LCD is installed between the telephone switching office and the bank’s Telephone Distribution Box (TBD). Once the line between the LCD and TBD or telephone unit is cut, the strategically placed LCD automatically contacts and informs the central security monitoring system and the police of the violation. This enables the police and other authorized agency to prevent and address the robbery from taking place.

LCD capably enhances bank security without compromising regular telephone use and other bank security systems. A bank potentially saves millions of pesos through a reasonable investment on the LCD.